Every spring your yard needs gentle, customized care to help it recover from winter. Most people never bother to do anything to their yard after the winter, but you do not need to worry about that if you follow the steps in this article; you will have the best yard of anyone you know!

The first thing that most people neglect is the need to mow. Most people either mow too early or too late; the best time to have your yard mowed is about 3 weeks AFTER the last frost. In other words, if a frost has not happened in 3 weeks you are probably good to go! Also the first time you mow after winter, the grass should be a bit longer than you’re used to; this allows it to get a solid, healthy base for the coming winter.

The next thing that will help you is to water your yard as much as you can. Watering all of your grass about once a week will help the grass realize that it is time to grow. Do not water until about a week after the last frost… They you are good to water as much as you need!

Putting a little bit of quality care into your yard will help it grow into the beautiful lawn that will be the envy of all of your neighbors!